Why Piano?



  •    Learning to play piano can be a great joy as well as an intellectual and emotionally rewarding experience. Through music, we can express our feelings, emotions, and thoughts.


  •    Playing piano is an invaluable way to develop intelligence, discipline, time management, self-esteem, emotional expression, peer interaction, and patience.


  •    Children who study music improve their reading scores and have more success in multiple areas of life.



My Methods of Teaching



   My primary teaching goal is to help students succeed in understanding music while recognizing students' individual potential and goals.  In addition, I develop in  them the skills to perform to the best of their ability, with knowledge and professionalism. I teach students in a way that develops mental toughness, and the motivation to perform in public with confidence, warmth, and freedom.  I  instill a love of music in my students that lasts a lifetime.




  •  Teaching with analysis

      The key to learning a playing the piano - isn't necessarily   how many hours you spend  practicing, but the way    you practice.


  • Teaching with expression

        Think beyond the notes and strive to express yourself.  Play with listening, understanding of terms and concepts such as articulation, dynamics, and forward motion as ongoing process.


  • Teaching with creativity

        Inspire creative thinking, encourage students to explore their imagination.


  • Building expressive technique

     By using the proper technical gestures learn to balance arm weight and wrist for tone    production.


  • Developing students’ performance skills from shallow to deeper

        Progress and performance skills are enhanced the more a student is exposed to artistic and  expressive playing.


  •  Making music an important part of life

         Learn to play with joy, from the heart.