“What a pleasure to express my observations, experience with, and knowledge of Anahit Sevoyan! I am a mature individual, hold advanced degrees from UCLA, and am professionally employed as a manager with the State of California.  More pertinent, I resumed piano study after a lapse of a few decades—and after much research discovered Ms. Sevoyan. 

        And am I glad I did.  My description of her abilities and skills begins first of all with her solid musicality, her own superb competency as a pianist, and her obvious delight in teaching.  She has a huge amount of personal talent and a vast accumulation of music knowledge; but equally important is her capacity for coaching.  I know firsthand how well she directs, instructs, inspires, and motivates a student.

         I must also mention her high degree of compassion, flexibility, and humor.  She has that rare knack of imparting to a student the qualities of music appreciation, the joy of learning, and the drive and desire to progress.

        As I reflect on my interaction with Anahit Sevoyan, I am again impressed at how well she diagnoses the missing parts of my piano training, then works to rebuild those missing or incomplete components.  Clearly, she takes her profession seriously. She communicates this commitment creatively, intelligently, and with enthusiasm.”

- Knute Martin


Ana is an amazing piano teacher and mentor for anyone seeking greater achievement and enjoyment in piano studies. She is highly experienced and very professional which you can see in her lessons and in the results she creates in her students. One of my favorite things about Ana is that she will push you to do your utmost best with every piece, paying attention not only to technical detail but also to the emotion and story that every piece should express. The best part is that she does this kindly and patiently. She never lets me get away with shortcuts or mistakes but I am grateful for that because I know I will learn to play each piece the RIGHT way and therefore get more enjoyment out of my own playing. I would recommend Ana for anyone looking for a solid & enjoyable music education and for anyone willing to work hard for amazing results. - Yeva Ragauskayte

- Yeva Ragauskayte

Anahit Sevoyan employed in the Music Department at Los Angeles Valley College. She taught students in piano and music theory. Her knowledge of music theory, her excellent musicianship skills, and her ability as a performer, made her an obvious choice for this position. Many of her tutees praised her and were very happy with her tutoring. As an employee, Anahit was well organized and prompt.

I have heard Anahit perform on the piano and this is her forte. She is a talented and sensitive performer. She has a large repertoire and plays music of all historical periods with excellent technique and taste. She sight reads very well and has, on occasion, stood in for some of ourstaff accompanists.

Throughout all the time I have known her, Anahit has been polite and respectful. She gets along well with Music Department faculty, staff and students. I'm sure that with her talent and determination, she will go very far.

- Chauncey Maddren
Los Angeles Valley College




         "Mrs. Anahit Sevoyan is an excellent teacher with highly professional performing skills, comprehensive knowledge of music, and a wonderful personality. She has the rare ability to inspire students.
She encourages us to understand meanings of each passage, pay attention to harmonies and structures of the music, maintain our passion, and develop concentration to control our emotions.
          I played the piano in Japan but when I moved to the USA I stopped playing for eight years, however I always kept the desire to continue playing. Before I met Mrs. Sevoyan, I was fascinated with performers’ brilliant technique. As I met Mrs. Sevoyan, I was fascinated with her professionalism. Mrs. Sevoyan tries to make me understand how important interpretation is. Technique without emotions are merely technique. She helps me understand the importance to read meanings behind the score. She also tells that we have a door our inside and as a performer need to widely open the door to play the music.
I have taken lessons with her for two and a half years. I feel that I am standing in front of the door, and very occasionally, the door slightly opens. I feel composers were still alive behind the door, and I feel like I am writing letter to composers through playing the music. I would like to open the door wider to listen more clearly what composers are talking in their music.
I am very glad that I had the privilege to meet Mrs. Sevoyan, and appreciate her giving me the opportunity to learn and understand the classical music!"

- Yuki Hirose



"Anahit is a wonderful teacher. I started with her two years ago as a 35-year-old adult beginner, and with her help, my technique and the difficulty level of pieces I can play has dramatically improved.
            She is a very experienced teacher with a lot of patience and a deep love of music. She teaches not only what to practice, but more importantly how to practice.She uses analysis as part of approaching a new piece and gives clear and concise explanations.I have learned classical, contemporary classical, folk, and blues pieces with her. I give her my highest recommendation!"

            Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA.

            Associate Professor-in -Residence at UCLA Medical Center           

- Jamie Feusner



         “I am very pleased to recommend pianist and piano teacher Anahit Sevoyan.  Mrs.Sevoyan is a highly professional, creative, responsible person, who has pedagogical experience and fine contact with her students.  Students of AnahitSevoyan are active participants of different music concerts, festivals and competitions.  Some of her students are 1st prize winners of the Moscow Music Center Piano competition.  Also,AnahitSevoyan is a fine pianist, concertmaster, and chamber artist, having a wide experience of concert performances.”

- Elena Makarova
Piano Department: Director of Moscow Music Center


            "Our son took piano lessons for three years before we found Mrs. Anahit Sevoyan.  Within months under Anahit's instruction, our son not only can play challenging repertoires, but his technical skills improved greatly.  Mrs. Anahit's perseverance, patience, and professionalism are some of the admirable attributes we have been blessed with.  We regret that we did not find her sooner.  She is a great mentor and an inspirational musician."


- Michael and Sibelle Mueller
Parent's of Student


             "The amount of pride and passion Anahit carries out in her work of music cannot be measured in words.  Knowing that I have been given the chance to study under her gives me a sense of pride myself. She is one of the most intelligent music teachers I know and I am thankful to have her as an instructor."

- Mane Tevosian


              "Mrs. Ana is a wonderful pianist and a magnificent piano teacher. She always explains how to play piano in the right way and instills a feeling of confidence in her students. My sister and I participated in various Competitions and Festivals. Because of our teacher's efforts we have won many awards and major prizes. My recent accomplishment was winning the first place in SYMF Baroque category.  I appreciate her hard work in teaching my sister and me."           

- Amily and Elsa Yang


 "Mrs. Sevoyan has been teaching  piano to my daughter for eight  years and my son for over one year. Through all these years of teaching piano to my children Mrs. Sevoyan has shown what a great teacher and accomplished pianist she is.

            Anahit Sevoyan has high educational background and most importantly excellent teaching skills.  I have admired her unlimited patience for her students.  She never raises her voice, never gives up on any student and always praises their every single accomplishment, be it small or big.  The annual recitals for all her students are  wonderful and fun for every parent to witness. After every student has had a chance  to present  their number, Mrs. Sevoyan takes the stage and plays an amazing number on the piano.   

            I have enormous respect for Mrs. Sevoyan. She has been a great teacher and a positive role model to my children. I appreciate all she's done for my children and everything she has taught them.

            If you have the lucky chance to meet Mrs.Sevoyan, please don't hesitate to ask her to be a teacher for your children or even for yourselves."

- Lusine Chermakyan
Student's parent


          “Anahit is a wonderful piano teacher. She is able to diagnose my technical problems and gives explicit instructions how to practice. She has an enthusiasm that inspires student. She is so nice and knowledgeable in music.  I feel so fortunate to have an opportunity to take lesson with her.”


- Renee Zhou