About AnaHit Sevoyan


    Anahit Sevoyan is accomplished pianist and highly experienced piano teacher. She has over 30 years of successful teaching experience with children and adults and over 40 years of performing experience in classical music. This includes numerous solo piano performances in Russia, Armenia, Poland and USA.  She has also collaborated with many other instrumentalists and singers throughout her many years of performing and teaching. In addition, she assisted at various venues as a guest pianist.  


 She offers a coordinated approach to piano instruction for beginning and intermediate students as well as systematic professional training for advanced students and adults. Her teaching practice is based on a synthesis of Russian and American methods of piano schools.


 Mrs. Sevoyan provides access to scholarships and opportunities for annual performances in competitions and festivals. Her students receive a comprehensive music education. Students participate in Certificate of Merit Program, which is sponsored by Music Teachers Association of California.  This valuable program evaluates a student's progress and skill in performance, ear training, sight reading, and written theory.


        Anahit Sevoyan's piano studio is located in North Hollywood where she continually strives to promote music appreciation and artistic excellence in the developing student. Her students often travel long distances and come from several areas across and around Los Angeles such as Temple City, Long Beach, Palmdale, Palos Verdes, Culver City, Santa Monica, Burbank, Arcadia, Redondo Beach, Corona, to study with and experience Ms. Sevoyan's nurturing teaching style.



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